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Let’s Be Real — Special Guest Post by REAL Mom

You don’t have to be a mom to relate to our guest columnist.  You just need to own a Facebook account and have once said, “Oh that is bull$#!^ — nobody’s life is THAT perfect!”

So, without further ado, here’s a special guest blog by our dear friend, REAL Mom.

Let’s Be Real…

With today’s ability to connect with people over the Internet, even people I wouldn’t talk to in person, I find it hard to not get annoyed at all the perfect things being put out. Social media is filled with posts and tweets about how wonderful dating, marriage, kids etc. are. I really hope that the world is becoming as wonderful as it is being portrayed on these sites, but lets be real…it’s not!

I love the connections, and reconnections, I have made via these social sites but I have gotten to a point where I just want to make a full out rant asking people to stop posting about how perfect everything is. I am not asking people to stop posting about the wonderful things in their lives, but it needs to be balanced with reality. I would like people to look back at their past posts, blogs, tweets and see if what is portrayed is really reality. (I admit I have fallen into this trap, too).

I can say that I do not meet the status quo of perfect Facebook ™ parenting. I have a hidden sin. I am a REAL parent of REAL kids. I love them always, but don’t always like them. I am not perfect; my kids are not perfect. I do my best, I make mistakes and I pray that those mistakes don’t ruin my kids and make them burdens on society…or living in my basement with issues that only Dr. Phil can address.

In my world, for every wonderful achievement my kids make, there is at least one, to ten, days of attitudinal yelling and talking back. For every team made, there is a preceding fight about what time we have to leave, packing the appropriate attire, loading the car, trying your best, who is forcing whom to participate and whose fault it was that something was left at home.

For every term with straight ‘A’ report cards and honour roll status, there are many days of tears, discussions and screaming matches about how stupid it is to learn this stuff, when will they every need to know how to find the area of a triangle, and why school is actually important to attend since they “don’t learn anything anyway.” (These nights usually start with a parental game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who gets to take on the world-ending issue this time.)

For every nice picture of my kids together, there are many more of them fighting over who will stand where, who is touching whom and why they even have to take a picture. In fact, I have donned the mantra, “Shut up and smile; we are making memories” just to get them to stand still for the two seconds it takes me to get the perfect picture … to post.

Heck, even for every nice thing said about my kids, there are endless corrections about manners, cleanliness, respect, responsibility and why these traits are even important…all of which get me the infamous ‘eye roll.’ (Of course my kids swear that they don’t roll their eyes at me.)

Now that summer is upon us, I have the great privilege of spending whole days with my kids. We have fun, we laugh, we get along … mostly. There are moments, and days, though when I seriously consider selling everything I own, to move into a box so that I can afford to send them to year round boarding school…in another country.

Does this make me a bad parent? I don’t think so, it make me one of the many REAL ones out there. So, next time you worry about how your posts portray your kids; remember that sometimes it is nice to know that we are not alone on the bumpy parenting road. And if your life and kids are really so wonderful all the time, please do a reality show so I can see how it’s done or post your address online so I know where to send my family.

Now excuse me, I have to go post about my daughter’s latest earned varsity letter.

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Mamma F doesn’t eat veggies, doesn’t watch TV and is deathly afraid of sharks.

Mea gets frantic if the bed sheets aren’t crisp, lined up perfectly and evenly spaced.  Watch out if the sheets are wrinkled underneath her.

Molar Mother can spend hours in front of a mirror tweezing her eyebrows (or her husband’s).

The Dude shines his shoes every three weeks, whether they need it or not.

What do these four people have in common?  Not much, other than the fact they’re all a bit unstable. This makes it odd, and a bit scary, that they’re all friends.

These friends (and coworkers) LOVE talking to each other.  And they love debating (and instigating debates).

After a year of getting to be the bestest of work friends who rarely see eye to eye on anything, they decided to take their opinions live.  They created this blog to express their thoughts and their love for each other.

On any given day you can see them using this blog to vent, journal, advise, satirize or try to get a giggle out of you.

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