Calm, Cool and Committed

Three Moms and a Dude

About Molar Mother


Molar Mother


a 30-something (on the end closer to 20) wife, mother, cat owner, writer and teacher. She’s not quite sure which of those roles is the toughest, but it’s probably the cat part. She lives in a big old house in a charming little town, where she likes to walk outside as much as possible. Unless it’s cold. Or raining.

For years Molar Mother and her hubby were proudly child free. When they finally bit the let’s-make-a-baby bullet in 2010, they were saddened to learn they suffered a molar pregnancy – something that happens once out of every 1,000 pregnancies. For the next year they dealt with losing a baby and gaining a health scare. Fortunately, in May of 2012, they welcomed a strong-willed – and healthy – baby boy.

Molar Mother enjoys blogging about how to avoid the soccer mom stigma, her daily life observations, and being a first-time mom who hates when people give her mommy advice. She’s quite opinionated (but always right) and loves hearing comments from friends AND total strangers, so be sure to leave some love on her posts.




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