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10 Things to Do By Summer 2014

I had the amazing honor of being asked by one of my students to mentor her for the Young Ladies with Purpose group she’s a part of. All the students and mentors met for a pizza and wing luncheon on Friday (that’s my kind of purpose!).

At the meeting, my mentee gave me an affirmation to hang up in my room and repeat every day. The affirmation she gave me is

I accept my uniqueness.

What does that have to do with this blog?

When I was in high school and college, I had fun. A LOT of fun. Loads of fun. All. The. Freaking. Time. Why? Because I let myself be unique and do things that normal people didn’t do.

I went pool hopping.

I made a study lounge in the handicapped stall of the dorm bathroom (desk, books and all).

I beeped and waved the other way.

I went to Pat’s at 3AM on a Wednesday just because.

I wore a Dr. Evil costume to lunch.

I played on the street in the middle of a hurricane.

I drove my two-seat Fiero across the highway while five people were in it.

I put corn stalks in people’s driveways.

I used the campus three-way calling system to prank call people. (It was genius!)

I did a lot of other stuff I just deleted because I don’t want to put it in writing.

So, here’s what I’m thinking. To get back some of that gut-busting joie de vivre I had back then, I need to do some crazy weird things. And thus I created a list of ten things I must do between the start of my school year (next week) and the end (June 20, 2014). (Hubby helped a lot with brainstorming.)

1) Wear my beret to school when we read Guy de Maupassant and whenever a kid asks to go potty say, “Oui, Oui?”

2) Take a walk after midnight.

3) Dress up for Halloween when it’s not Halloween.

4) Use the phrase “tit bit nipply” in conversation.

5) Take pictures with lawn ornaments in people’s yards.

6) Have an entire convo with someone using only Springsteen song titles (and not let them realize it).

7) Put an “out of order” sign on something at work. Then, during a busy time when people are standing around, go pull it off, use it and then put the sign back up.

8) Put a telescope in my room and put shoe polish on the eye piece.

9) Do the Monty Python Ministry of Funny Walks at the mall.

10) Build a snowman out of cottage cheese.

If you’re up for it, join my on the ride, and tell me what unique things you’ll do this year.

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