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Giggly Girls and the Glass Ceiling

on January 25, 2013


I need your help with this one.  I’m not sure I’m thinking about it the right way.

Recently I made a comment to Mea that one of our acquaintances really bothered me because – in a work setting – she’ll act like a 16 year old girl.

You know what I mean by that.  She’ll giggle uncontrollably, she’ll act helpless about little things like using a laptop, she’ll hop (yes, hop) and clap in excitement, she’ll beg for validation about inconsequential things.  At any moment, I expect her to flip her hair off her shoulders, start chipping at the paint on her nails and proclaim, “But I looooooooooove him!  Like totally looooooove him!”

When I was 16, I was like this.  Heck, my college friends would probably say I was like this at 22.  However, it really bothers me in a 40-ish adult businesswoman.

Why?  I think it belittles our gender.  “Oh, hehe, *giggle, giggle* look out how pretty my handouts are!”  Like seriously?  We expect men to take us seriously when we cackle over PowerPoint colors while wearing too-tight pants and showing cleavage?

I should probably take the position that women can act however they want to act.  But I can’t.  Even though we’re making major advancements toward equality – like being allowed to fight on the front lines – this girly girl act rankles me.  When we act like this, we’re inviting men to think we’re stupid and not as good as them.  When’s the last time you saw a man hop up and down because he figured out how to use a laser pointer?  Or grab a coworker’s hair and fluff it in the middle of a conference room?

Are we, as women, partly to blame for the glass ceiling?  Should we put away our 16 year old selves so we can be taken seriously?  Tell me what you think.


One response to “Giggly Girls and the Glass Ceiling

  1. Matt says:

    Women should be able to act however they want to, but I think you make a valid point that sometimes they reinforce the stereotypes. By the way, I saw a dude hug another dude the other day after figuring out how to add transitions between slides in PowerPoint.

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