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What We’ve Become

on January 18, 2013

Do you ever look at yourself in shock and amazement at what you’ve become?

Yeah, me neither. Hehe.

However, a friend’s recent comment made me wonder if I’ve changed in any major ways. So, without further ado, here’s a list of shocking ways I’ve changed.

  • I’m now “that mom” who stumbles around at work in the morning grumbling about the son who was up all night due to a mix of issues ranging from teeth to cough to growth spurt to diaper wedgie.
  • I’d rather spend time on the couch with my husband and son than head out for a night on the town.
  • I don’t devote as much time to my job anymore. I realized that the world won’t end and my students won’t be ruined for LIFE if I don’t check email on weekends.
  • I fill up my Facebook feed with thousands (seriously) of pictures of Bud. And I also post baby recall alerts. (Baby products, not actual babies.)
  • I like babies. Okay. I like one baby. All the other ones still annoy me.
  • I exercise pretty regularly (though I admit I’ve been slacking on overall effort).
  • I manage my time for my grad school work instead of procrastinating like I did in college, and high school, and elementary school…
  • I’m more critical of people than I used to be. Not sure if this is good or bad.

Despite all these changes, there are many ways I haven’t changed.

  • I still enjoy a nice, long sleep. And all the people who told me motherhood would change me into a morning person? What a joke!
  • A good book is still one of the best things in the world.
  • I look forward to holidays with my family, and enjoy the time we have together.
  • I refer to people I barely know by nickname. In college it was Jeans Joyous and Hottie Baseball Boy, now it’s Anger Management.
  • A cool glass of milk and my mom’s crazy cake might be the best flavor combination in the world. THE WORLD.

I still believe the phrase “on time” is relative.
How have you changed? Have you changed in ways you never thought you would? Do you like the changes?


One response to “What We’ve Become

  1. Matt says:

    I do my partying at home on the couch now.

    I can no longer sleep for more than six hours.

    I have returned to my slacking ways with my own schoolwork.

    I have started sprouting body hair like crazy.

    That seems like the major ones.

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