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Another Christmas List

on December 17, 2012

Inspired by my pal Mea, I’ve decided to grace you with MY Christmas list.

Dear Santa,
Please consider putting the following things under my tree.  Or in my stocking.  Wherever they will fit, really.

-The ability to handle the 4-week grad class I’m enrolled in over the next month.  I’m worried the workload will be too much, but I want to get this class out of the way.  Help!

-Financial independence.  Surely it’s not too much to ask that Hubby and I could be financially independent.  Perhaps I should really ask for a winning Powerball ticket.

-Powerball tickets.  Preferably winners.

-A long, healthy life for Buddy.  And, if it’s not too much to ask, when he gets to be around 25, could he meet a nice woman who really likes me, really loves him, and will be able to share in his long, healthy life?

-Happiness for Hubby.  And throw in a side of contentedness for him, too.

-Non-rock-hard poop for Buddy.  Oh, wait.  We checked this off our list an hour ago.  Woohoo for early Christmas gifts!  Thank you, prune juice, for finally kicking in.

-Health, immortality, and happiness for my family.

-A wealthy patron to swoop in and do the following home improvements: gutter guards, new basement door, new windows, new kitchen, new floor in the cat room, move the washer and dryer upstairs, repaint, general yard maintenance.

-A later start to the daily school day.  I think school should start at 10.  Please consider.

-If you can’t change the start of the school day, could you at least give us about, oh, 10 snow days.  Before February?

-Kind friends for Buddy when he gets older.  Make them kind enough that they don’t make fun of his flat spot or syndactyly.  But also make them just a little bit mean so that he doesn’t think his life is golden.  He needs some humility, too.

-More time in a day.  I don’t want this time to be used up by work and other crap, though.  It can only be used for napping, reading, watching movies or playing with the family.

-Calorie-free pastries.

-Exercise that is easy, takes only 10 minutes and burns 1000 calories.   Or more.

-Comfort for the families of the Sandy Hook victims and the promise that something like this will never, ever happen again.

Hubby and Buddy as Jesus and Joseph

Hubby and Buddy as Jesus and Joseph

What’s on your list this year?


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