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One Mom’s Christmas List

on December 16, 2012
My tweener!

Our tweener!

Am I too old to have a Christmas list? Never! But, the items on my list grow less and less sparkly each year. Here are the things I really want this year (in no particular order, after the first one):

~Happiness, good health and safety for our children, today and always

~A fail-proof guide for raising my tweener

~Brighter winter evenings (I need my Vitamin D!)

~The energy of a 2-year old boy (and a daily nap to go with!)

~Uninterrupted sleep, PLEASE!!!

~Immortal parents

~More quality time with both of our families and a hard-drive big enough to store the memories forever

My lil man

Our lil man!

~Fun and relaxation with my friends on a regular basis

~Daily work-outs

~Balance, I need balance!

~Understanding and kindness…even when it’s difficult

~Present and future success for my students, beyond their wildest dreams…and the work-ethic to match

~Less time at work

~A good cry, on occasion

~The ability to stress less about anything that will not matter a day, week, month or year from now

Another one of my favorite Christmas ornaments

~Time to read for fun by the fire

~Patience…lots and lots of patience!

~An ever-shrinking grocery bill

~TV what????

~The artsy, crafty gene that God forgot to give me

~Time to get to know my husband all over again

“Our First Christmas”

~Gluten-free recipes that my family will like

~Pants that I don’t have to hem

~Our house…finished inside and out (just a small request…)

~Sleep (Wait, did I say that already?)

~Of course…a maid, chef and personal shopper!!! =)

~And for Pete’s sake, someone keep my Cheerio-mobile clean! 😉


3 responses to “One Mom’s Christmas List

  1. Jane Eileen says:

    You, in short, are my hero…I love you Miranda Snavely…you have all your priorities just where they need to be. Your very old, but crazy about you friend…jane

    • Mea says:

      In short, Jane? What are you trying to say about me?? 😉 You are very sweet, but I still don’t know what you see in me! 🙂

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