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Thank God for Unanswered Prayers

on November 19, 2012

As I perused Facebook this evening, a ridiculous political status popped up in my news feed. It was penned by a guy I had a crush on over a dozen years ago.

For a moment, I toyed with writing a response to call the status-writer out, but then the moment passed. Instead, I had the sudden thought, “I’m so glad I didn’t end up with him.”

Two days ago — again on Facebook — a picture popped up in my news feed. It was of my major college crush. Back in college he had the potential to really be something, but he never got past the college-guy lifestyle. He’s now wallowing in a crappy job, drinking and smoking his way to major unhealthiness, and looking plain old worn down by life. I really dodged a bullet with that one.

There are other crushes whom Facebook has allowed me to see, and they’re all the same — guys I’m glad I didn’t end up with. Not because they changed, but because I changed.

I’m not a huge Garth Brooks fan, but he has this song called
Unanswered Prayers.” Never has a song spoken more truth.

I remember times in the past, wondering why this guy or that guy didn’t work out, praying they would. Being sad, and miserable, and just wanting God to make a relationship work out.

But now, when I see Hubby giving Buddy an arm-chomper or changing a diaper, or laughing at me because I’m singing a song without knowing the lyrics, I know to thank God for those unanswered prayers.



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