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I’m going to the prom!

on November 1, 2012


Or at least it feels that way!! Tonight, the Central Penn Business Journal is hosting their Business of the Year Awards. I am going to the black-tie event with my husband and have to get all gussied up (as my grandma would say). Honestly, I think my wedding was the last time I spent so much time and energy on dressing for an event! There is a stressful part though; I have less than 2 hours to get my hair done, get the kids, get ready and meet everyone else to head to the event after work today. Thank goodness I thought ahead and put dinner for my parents and the kiddos in the crock-pot!

Working ahead (of Hurricane Sandy, especially) is my secret to getting to the event on time…fingers crossed! Last week, I searched high and low for shoes and a matching gown and made sure to have it altered ASAP.  My sister saved me and made an appointment to get our nails done yesterday (so that I was not embarrassed by my wood-chopping hands). Spending money on manicures is not something I usually do, but she recommended I get something called a Shellac manicure, and I swear it’s made of rock-solid diamonds, because it hasn’t chipped yet (even after chopping wood!)! I also made sure to shave in advance (no goose bumps, please!), painted my toes and de-mommied my feet (I know…gross!).

After making sure my hair was big and curly today, I’m having it swept to the side at Downstreet, so I actually look like I took the time to do it nicely (Thank you, Caroline!!)! Because the fashion gene totally skipped me, I didn’t think about needing a purse. Fortunately, one of my favorite friends came through for me and is letting me borrow a really sleek clutch from her Etsy shop, New Old Fashion Vintage! She seriously rocks!!

And, if you think all that and the sparkles I’m adding in accessories aren’t fancy enough, the owners of Premiere #1 Limousine, who are nominated in the 1-50 employee category, are taking all of us to the event in style – by limousine, of course!   I have to say, I’m super excited, and also secretly hoping that the food is first-class!!! Another thing that I am excited about…seeing my hubby in a tux (Oh yeah!!!)!!  I am seriously lacking adult time with my hubby – Can you tell?? Wait, when was the last time we had a date without the kiddos, July!?!

Good luck Premiere #1! The businesses of the year will be revealed tonight, and I am going to enjoy my date!

(Better pictures to follow! Until now, click on the links throughout the article to see my ideas and recommendations!)


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