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Diapered Bottoms and Beer

on September 23, 2012

Naked baby pictures – everyone has them! But, do you post yours or your children’s on the internet???

Parents all over the world post pictures of their children on the internet…every…single…day (I won’t say if I’m guilty of this or not…). I’ve found four categories that parents fit into, when it comes to posting pictures of their children online:

My sweeties – cheesin’ away!!!

1 – Anything goes (They’re just children, after all.)!

2 – The Anne Geddes supporters (disrobed infants only).

3 – Moderation nation (lots of pictures, but nothing questionable).

4 – No way! Never (no pictures of their child(ren) on the internet…ever…clothed or not…not even in disguise)!

Every once in a while, however, a seemingly innocent picture is called into question. In fact, the dad who wrote this post (click the link to see his post and picture: was featured on Babble Facebook page for what was thought to be an interesting post about dads and their fashion slump after having children. The excitement of being featured soon vanished when readers began attacking him for the picture he posted of himself and his daughter sitting on his front porch. Part of the reason the controversy began stemmed from the beer can he was holding (understandable, perhaps). The other comments focused on his daughter, who was sitting beside him, wearing only a diaper. Readers went so far as to accuse the father of being a “pedophile.”

Honestly, I have no idea who the blogger is, but I believe that the picture is innocent. They appear to be simply relaxing after a long day, just like any other family. Would I have chosen to post that exact picture, had I been in his shoes? Probably not. But, to each his own.

Should parents post pictures of their children in the bathtub or wearing only their diapers?? Let me know what you think by taking the poll and commenting below!


10 responses to “Diapered Bottoms and Beer

  1. Molar Mother says:

    I’m weird. I’ll post oodles of pics of Buddy to my Facebook and Instagram pages, but I won’t post pics of him on this blog (at least not identifiable ones).I like the semblance of some safety/privacy!

  2. Ask A Great Dad says:

    I would not post pics like that just because of all the creeps in the world. Too many sick perverts out there.

    • Mea says:

      Thanks for your comment, Ask a Great Dad! That same thought scares me as well! You never know who is viewing your pictures. And, I think those parents who do not allow any pictures of their children posted have the same fears. I cannot blame them for protecting their children, even if I think it may be a little extreme.

  3. Emily W. says:

    I didn’t even notice the beer and I thought the girl was completely naked with just a stuffed animal to coverup the goods. Regardless, I had no problem with the pic. I thought it was really cute. I also have no problem with pics of babies/lil kid-os in just a diaper. If someone thinks that is offensive then they are whack. I guess I’m just old fashioned like that. People always mention, “what about all the perverts out there??” Reality check…most people are not perverts…thank goodness. And to even broach the idea that the father is a pedophile…SERIOUSLY, people are demented. I have seen far worse and truly offensive pictures on the Internet. It’s nice to see a dad spending quality time with his darling girl.

  4. Mea says:

    Okay, Molar Mother. I would never attack a stranger on the Internet!!!!

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