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Fall, Crisp Apples and Soul

on September 16, 2012

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I love fall! It awakens part of me that sleeps during the other three seasons. After the dog-days of August (and feeling trapped inside by the artificial cool of the air-conditioner), the crisp, snuggly weather rejuvenates my senses, and I feel energized. All of the sudden I am surrounded by irresistible love and warmth!  To me, it’s the ultimate season of nostalgia where cinnamon-spice smells, fun-filled nights, soul-warming food and family outings take over.

Crisp Apples

To define our official start to fall this year, I went apple-picking with the kids! Honestly, I just went because my best friend and her kids already had it on their agenda, and we were super-excited to spend time with them. So, whatever they were doing, we were definitely doing too! Who knew picking apples could be so much fun?!?! It ended up being a great adventure for all of us! The kids were running and laughing and crunching into their juicy picks, while excitedly filling their baskets and exploring the orchard. And, my best friend and I chased them around with our cameras, in an attempt to capture each memory. It was like a mini-vacation, surrounded by nature and the billowing, fall-filled skies. Nothing makes me feel fuller and more relaxed than the sounds of our giggling children walking through sweeping grasses and crisp leaves. Heaven!


After bringing home 60 lbs. of apples (No, that’s not a typo!), the remainder of our night consisted of gooey apple dumpling and apple crisp creations too yummy to resist! It was bliss! As the evening and our visit came to an end (always too soon), I realized something in the car: no one can replace my best friend and the time we spend together. She fills a special part of my soul. Because we’ve known each other since birth (my birth actually…I’m 6 months younger!), we share a special bond and a TON of memories, despite several rough patches along the way. There were times where we didn’t talk for years, but somehow we always found our way back to each other. Now, although our crazy lives don’t allow us nearly enough time to spend together, we appreciate every moment we have. And, for me, extending this bond to our children is absolutely irreplaceable. 

Want to see the apple dumpling recipe and MUCH BETTER pictures?? Click the link and scroll down slightly, once you reach the site:


4 responses to “Fall, Crisp Apples and Soul

  1. Naomi Atkins says:

    Oh my goodness.. you brought tears to my eyes!! Love you!!!!!!!

  2. Mea says:

    Awww! Good tears, I hope! =)

  3. fourtuitous says:

    Fall is definitely in the air! Love it!

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