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DIY – The New Designer Jeans!!!

on August 28, 2012


Non-DIY-ers everywhere, RELAX! DIT is the next craze about to hit Pinterest. How do you know you are a non-DIY-er? Well, if you are anything like me, you originally thought “DIY” was a new line of jeans. Yes, I actually thought this as I was scrolling through Pinterest for the first few months. How embarrassed was I when I clicked on one of the links and figured out that it actually represented projects and crafts you can do independently to save money?!?!

Honestly, “DIY-ing” is not an appealing concept to me anymore (Okay, I still have a little hope!), mostly because of past, miserably failed projects. Every time I attempt a DIY project, it turns out a disappointing disaster and reminds me that the “artsy” gene skipped me. The last DIY project I attempted resulted in me covered in paint…from head to toe! Ever try to get a large amount of paint out of your hair? It’s almost impossible to remove without several washes, combs, chemical combinations and picking sessions (Although I am sure there is a DIY project dedicated to this somewhere that I missed.).

Coming from a family of six, I am used to doing almost everything with a small herd of people. Growing up, I shared a bed with one sister and a room with two. Mornings were a fiasco with my mom and all three of us fighting over the mirror and trying to get ready at the same time. If I was making cookies, my siblings were either helping or sneaking the cookie dough. There was no alone time for DIY projects or anything else…ever. Even when my dad was working on the car, inventing his next new contraption or building something from scratch, I was there…watching, asking questions, helping and chatting.  So, needless to say, I am a much bigger fan of DIT – Do It Together projects.  Whether I am cooking, taking the kids out, painting or attempting a project, I am much more likely to enjoy it and complete it successfully if I am collaborating and enjoying someone else’s company.

Despite this (and maybe worthy of psychiatric analysis), I have subconsciously surrounded myself with DIY-ers of all kinds.  People who create something noteworthy out of nothing fascinate me and earn my instant admiration! My husband is my favorite DIY-er. He can seriously just decide he is going to do anything, with no prior experience or knowledge, and do it. He built a large shed by himself (from the ground up, on a hill, surrounded by huge trees), built my favorite oak, ladder bookshelf and started his own travel business! My best friend started her own photography business with no experience at all and now creates masterpieces with her lense. Two of my bravest friends just recently quit their teaching jobs to venture out on their own, one selling timeless vintage clothing and the other one-of-a-kind baby accessories. Their blog explains the crazy transition that I envy on a daily basis! And, one other rockin’ mama quit her teaching job years ago, only to build her own Zumba empire! My list literally could go on and on!

My favorite DIY-ers!

Next time I see a DIY project I want to attempt however, you can bet that I will elicit the help of either my self-sufficient husband or one my strong, independent female friends! First on my list, learning how to hem my jeans! I already have my first DIT-er lined up to help me!

Forget DIY! DIT for me!


6 responses to “DIY – The New Designer Jeans!!!

  1. Amelia says:

    Miranda, I’m so there when you’re ready to hem those jeans! Seriously, call me. 🙂 In the meantime, here’s a website I think you’ll appreciate:

  2. Molar Mother says:

    My DIY projects also go horribly awry. I never understand how they get those things to look so good. Mine always turn out looking like a second grader’s craft project! Hehe. It’s okay that you didn’t get the DIY gene, cause you got the fun, happy, silly gene!

  3. Jane Eileen says:

    Miranda you write like you ARE…I love it. You got VOICE baby!!!! I enjoyed this selection very much and over the holiday weekend I am going to treat myself to reading the rest of your blog. love you much…

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