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Three Moms and a Dude

Welcome to Our (Dysfunctional) Family

on July 24, 2012

Mamma F doesn’t eat veggies, doesn’t watch TV and is deathly afraid of sharks.

Mea gets frantic if the bed sheets aren’t crisp, lined up perfectly and evenly spaced.  Watch out if the sheets are wrinkled underneath her.

Molar Mother can spend hours in front of a mirror tweezing her eyebrows (or her husband’s).

The Dude shines his shoes every three weeks, whether they need it or not.

What do these four people have in common?  Not much, other than the fact they’re all a bit unstable. This makes it odd, and a bit scary, that they’re all friends.

These friends (and coworkers) LOVE talking to each other.  And they love debating (and instigating debates).

After a year of getting to be the bestest of work friends who rarely see eye to eye on anything, they decided to take their opinions live.  They created this blog to express their thoughts and their love for each other.

On any given day you can see them using this blog to vent, journal, advise, satirize or try to get a giggle out of you.

Mamma F, Mea, Molar Mother and Thedude hope you’ll join them on this blog journey.  Be sure to leave a comment if you love – or hate – what they have to say.


6 responses to “Welcome to Our (Dysfunctional) Family

  1. Mea says:

    Thank you, Cruise Planners! We appreciate the support!

  2. Gina Barkman says:

    Your chemistry is amazing! I knew you were all awesome, but this is going to be so fun to read!
    Love ya!!

  3. Tammy says:

    Love it! A few of you sound like you would be perfect friends for ME.

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